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I was recommended to Debbie by a number of people, after I had been diagnosed with a frozen shoulder. Even after just the first visit I found a huge improvement with my range of movement. I have had three subsequent visits and each time I have enjoyed further improvements and less residual pain. Debbie has a great supportive and calming manner about her. I always looked forward to my next appointment and during my visits I felt very relaxed and positive toward her method of care. I would recommend Debbie to anyone who has any type of health issue, particularly if they are feeling somewhat disillusioned with any conventional intervention they may have received. She’s a breath of fresh air and I always leave feeling much better than when I arrived. Thanks heaps Debbie and I look forward to my next visit.

Kind regards
Sandra Crisp

Since the beginning of December 2008 I suffered a prolapse disc in my back. Had extreme pain and unable to do everyday activities for 2 months. By February there was slow progress and still difficulty sitting for anything more than a few minutes. Throughout this whole time I'd received Physio and Dry Needling. Debbie Nehoff and I were studying Anatomy at BOP Polytech and she suggested I try her healing. After 2 short and 1 full session of gentle Contact C.A.R.E at the Body Healing Clinic there was immense improvement in my pain and the improvement was remarkably quick. Within two weeks I was able to sit for durations of 2 hours and even dance! Fantastic! The improvement has been ongoing and have returned to gentle exercise 1 month after first receiving treatment from Debbie at the 'Body Healing Clinic'. I recommend it and am extremely grateful for her kind help. 

Simone Kleya

Cellphones are great! I had to use one to call my wife to come and get me as I lay cast upon the floor, unable to get up. It gave me time to reflect that Debbie had done too good a job, allowing me to think I was able to move cobblestones after putting my back out a week ago. Again I hobble in to her clinic with a walking stick, pleading my way in to her lunch break. Every other practitioner would concentrate on the intense pain in my right hip, but not Debbie, she starts with my left toe! That is what makes her different and unique. 20 minutes later I walk out, uncomfortable but mobile. It takes a second visit to realign me and within a week I am back to normal. Past experience has proved this would have been a lingering problem, taking months to rectify with the best of help from Practitioners.

Debbie Nehoff has a unique and insightful way of healing and has my wholehearted support and recommendation.

Ross Brough
Property Developer

Just wanted to thank you again for the way you were able to sort out my extremely sore back while I was holidaying in Tauranga. I may have come to you with an acutely sore Back but there were other old injuries lurking around that I hadn't even though about. I was amazed that, without me even mentioning it you were able to identify my ankle and shoulder problems. I have had 5 years of not being able to move my shoulder freely and countless medical consultations including an MRI and an Orthopaedic Surgeon. No one has been able to give me relief until your treatment. I am now able to swim laps again and have full range of movement in my shoulder at last.

Shelly also reports her knee is fully recovered with no more niggling. Just the sort of minor injury that could have gone on forever being "annoying" if not for your intervention.

I am happy to be used as a referee for anyone who is considering treatment with you. Needless to say I would recommend anyone to give your unique holistic treatment a try. We certainly plan to visit again for a "tune up" when we are next in the area.

Kind Regards
Ian Power

On the 24th December 2005 I ingested 2 herbal party pill. Two hours later I had to lie in bed because of hallucinations, which continued for 6 days until New Years Eve when I started violently vomiting. I then had to receive an injection to stop the vomiting. From then on I constantly felt fatigued, nauseas, dizzy and was unable to leave my premises let alone work. I then went to many doctors and Specialists who eventually sent me for an MRI scan, a lumber puncture and many other blood tests etc. At the end of 2007 a specialist diagnosed me with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. They then told me that there was no cure for what I had and I would just have to live with it. In the middle of 2008 I was told about Debbie Nehoff. I went to her and was told it had a lot to do with the lack of Vitamins and Minerals in my system. After I visited Debbie I had a lot more energy, was not as fatigued, didn't feel as nauseas and was able to do some work, which had been impossible since late 2005. I continued to visit Debbie several times and did not believe the difference it made to me. I am very thankful for every thing Debbie has done for me.

Shea Bidois
Welcome Bay

I have been seeing Debbie Nehoff since August 2008 and am so much healthier than I have been in years. I was constantly getting excruciating headaches every day, sore neck and back, and was so unhappy. I could not hold down a full time job as I would wake up every morning in too much pain.

The first time I saw Deb she allergy tested me by muscle testing. Was hard to believe at first that it was for real. Sugar and Dairy were my highest allergy amongst others. Deb was great at explaining it all to me as she went along so it made sense. As much as I hated to think that I was allergic to these things, I cut them out of my diet completely for 2 week, along with taking digestion meds etc. Within a day I started to feel better and within three days I felt amazing. No more sinus pain, stomach pains, but most of all NO MORE HEADACHES!!!

Over the years I have seen many different people for the problem I was having. They all treated in different ways, and they each had their own theory. They all helped me a little at a time. But no one made nearly as much difference as Debbie. I have not seen Deb for nearly 4 month's now and I'm feeling great.

Debbie is am amazing healer and I highly recommend her. She changed my life hugely!

Tessa Brough

I have had back problems for over 15 years and spent thousands of dollars on treatments that have simply not worked. Treatments I have had meant going back again and again to "put things back in place" but never fixed the problem for more than a few days.

After an initial consultation with Debbie and a few follow up visits the difference in my back has been amazing and really has changed my life. With Debbie's treatment a few visits was all that was required to find and fix the problem. I have been able to continue with normal activities such as going to the gym which in the past would not of been possible.

Jenny Gray
Team Building Coach

I visited Debbie Nehoff as I have an on-going (18 months) trouble with RSI in my right arm. I was on the waiting list to see a Specialist at the Tauranga Hospital with the view of having an operation for Carpel Tunnel. After an hour with Debbie working on me I no longer have tingling through my arm and all the pain is gone. I have been able to return to my job as a nail technician which I had to give up over a year ago. This has been such a relief pain wise as well as financially and would recommend Debbie to anyone.

Cherie O'Hearn
Nail Technician

My name is Deidre Goodman. I took my daughter (De-Shaan) who is eight years old to see Debbie Nehoff to see if I could get De-Shaan and myself some help with our mood swings and to see why De-Shaan was so unsettled. Debbie helped me understand what was going on with my daughter and me and the Bach Flower Remedy has helped us both out so much. We are both really grateful for it.

Many Thanks
Deidre Goodman & DeShaan TeHuia

I have just recently moved into an apartment complex by the sea, and the other day I was spending time with one of the many good people that share this area with me, and we got talking about natural healing and natural healers. She mentioned that her back had been giving her a lot of bother (she is about 78 years old) so she decided to go see a natural healer called Debbie Nehoff. After the treatment (a week prior to my visit) she very enthusiastically explained how well she feels and most of all without pain.

One of the items of contention with my body is that, about 9 years ago I passed 2 large kidney stones and they ended up in my bladder, one is still there to this day and the other exited about two months ago. The kidney and associated tubes etc had a hard time of it owing to their size, approx 5mm x 15mm long so damage was done, and every now and then I have this glunky discharge, although quite frightening it never went on for very long. At the time of talking to my neighbor, the discharge had been going on for several days, so with the neighbors recommendation I booked an appointment with Debbie.

Debbie's foremost intention, and attention is that of the person who has entrusted themselves to her and her abilities to assist the body to remember how to heal itself. She does her healing in a most unobtrusive way and communicates fully with her precious charge by explaining what she is doing and making sure you feel safe and secure at all times.
The next day the situation that my body had been in was completely eliminated. I was very impressed and I rang her to give her feedback which in my view is very important.

To close with this testimonial to Debbie and her practice, I would hesitate, not for one second to recommend those of us who wish to heal themselves (with help) to this giving person, and the more people who know of her abilities, and pay her a visit, will be a lot less sick than they were!

Gary Transom
Transom Consultants Ltd

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