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An intelligent energy healing system comprising 4200 t frequencies allows us to recognise and clear energy fields of old patterns/ imbalances creating-health, strength, creativity and integrity in ourselves, our lives and environment.

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This works with all problems that often start with an impact such as a fall or knock. You could do something as simple as stub your toe badly or sprain your ankle causing the bone to flinch and lock, therefore shortening the connective tissues which attach to that part of the bone. This causes a permanent shortening of the muscles overall length which will in turn create joint imbalance and tension. As we accumulate impacts throughout our lives that do not resolve themselves, we start to move slower and become stiffer. This creates accidents of mis-timing and ever increasing body/mind tension. Over time the blood supply to these body parts is restricted by the tension, effectively causing problems which have by now moved on to the cells causing supply of nutrients/oxygen to be impaired. In this state we are either called old or diseased. Contact C.A.R.Es stimulation method releases the impact form the bone, then re-balances using the reflex systems of the body facilitating the return to easy function- at any age.

Touch 4 Health- Kinesiology

This method helps by using muscle testing to find the method of treatment most suited to your body. It helps to balance the muscles that may be holding you in a state of pain. The muscles may not be working or may be holding another muscle therefore over working. Our body works as a whole so when the muscles are not working to their best ability they can affect our bones and the organs that are associated to those muscles. Body balancing, colour/sound balances, hearing/visual problems, muscle imbalances, cross crawl techniques, hydration and many forms of trauma release to name just a few problems Kinesiology can address for you.

Allergy Testing

I use muscle testing to find any allergies or intolerance you may have. I test 150 different foods as well as many additives and chemicals that you may have been exposed to that cause reactions such as rashes, breathing difficulties, stomach problems, etc This is a pleasant non-invasive way of finding and being aware of the allergies you have.


There are many symptoms resulting from allergies and intolerances. There are other methods such as Nutri to help eliminate the problems and the reasons we are reacting to these substances.

Nutri is new to NZ but has achieved amazing results in France for over 25 years. I have seen and experienced some amazing results from this method when it has been thought the case was impossible. Nutri supplies nutrients to the areas of the body where they are needed which in turn balances us both physically and emotionally.

Bach Flower Remedies

These work along the same lines as Rescue Remedy but they are made specifically for you and the emotions you want/ need to deal with. They are often helpful if you are or have been going through a difficult time emotionally. Even old emotions that you have not been able to put aside. Really great for kids when they are not happy and they dont want to talk about the problem. Also a great help for when children are having problems at school, struggling with exams, problems with friends, being bullied etc.


Energy healing has become more accepted through the hospital systems overseas with nurses now learning the method to help their patients. It relieves pain that is often not helped in any other way. Its really about the power of touch which was first recognized by Hippocrates (the father of medicine) 460-357 BC.


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